FAQ – Employees

What will I need in order to register with your company?

You can fill out the application online if you would like; however, you will still need to make an appointment to interview with a recruiter.  We do require all applicants to have 2 valid (U.S. issued) forms or identification.  All applicants must be able to pass a drug test, criminal background check and have either a High School diploma or GED.  If you have a resume please email it in advance or bring it with you to your interview.

Do I need to bring my High School diploma or GED with me to the interview?

No, you will not have to bring it with you; however, we do have to be able to call the Department of Education and verify that you do have either a High School diploma or GED.

What if I have worked for SOLUTIONS Staffing in the past and my employment was terminated because I failed a drug test for an assignment?  Am I able to re-apply?

No, SOLUTIONS Staffing has a strict substance abuse policy and we are unable to rehire any candidates that have failed a drug screen for us in the past, regardless of how long ago it was.

Is SOLUTIONS Staffing able to give me a list of clients that you work with?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide a list of our clients.  This is to protect us.  We do promise that we will match all candidates to the best of our ability with a company that we think you will enjoy working for.

Does SOLUTIONS Staffing make any guarantee of full time hire within it’s customers?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will be hired at one of our customers, but we will do everything we can to assist you.  We will “get your foot in the door” with one of our customers, but being hired is largely due to your performance, attendance, etc.

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