The Problem with Your VMS

It’s important to have full visibility into the orders you have placed with your staffing providers, consolidated billing, and uniform control of the process of bringing new people into your organization from outside firms. Those are all good and important goals. But those goals shouldn’t override your more important goals: getting the right people into […]

What I Learned from My First Job: Geoff Fullen

I think I was about 15 or 16 when my mother helped me with an opportunity working for the City of Columbus Parks and Recreations Division at a local golf course. I’ll never forget her driving me to Raymond Memorial Golf Course near the intersection of Wilson and Trabue Road (I can’t believe I remember the […]

What I Learned from My First Job: Anthony Iannarino

I was just 13 years old the summer between middle school and high school. My friend, Michael Coonrod, invited me to go to work with him and his mother at Villa Milano. My mom had just started her business, and we didn’t have much money (an early version of this business, in fact), so I […]

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